Help Identify A Part From A Hit-And-Run That Killed A Teenager!

The german police is currently trying to identify a part that a car left behind, after running over 16 year old boy. It happened back in january in very early hours of the 25th. 16 year old Matthias-Paul H. was on his way to some friends, walking on a road between two small towns, with the sidewalk covered in deep… »4/25/14 12:11pm4/25/14 12:11pm

Rockslide shuts down epic passroad - and possibly burries car!

In the early hours of this tuesday (1.38AM), a huge rockslide shut down the Felbertauernroad in Austria, a known to be epic road near the famous and equally epic Grossglockner passroad. The rockslide with an espimated volume of ~35,000 m³ (~46,000 yd³) completely destroyed the road along with the avalance protection… »5/14/13 5:04pm5/14/13 5:04pm