Being German and having used FRA for several trips - Yes! Totally correct! The first time there I tried to make sense of it, didn’t work. Eventually I just followed the signs despite them seeming pointless, but it worked. Having used it multiple times now and getting a feeling for the building layouts, it slowly, very… » 4/08/15 7:29am 4/08/15 7:29am

I dislike PRNDL, I don't like the idea of going through reverse and neutral to get to drive. I highly prefer the Mercedes system, or fwiw, my BMWs system, where P is a button just like on the Benz, and down/towards you is drive, and up/away from you is reverse. Its the same pattern that all automatic gearboxes I have… » 3/06/15 7:07am 3/06/15 7:07am

I'd be that german friend, and in theory that sounds not bad. I'm working IT Service & Repair for close to 9 years, from basic tech to deput service lead. But all that is pretty useless unless your employer happens to be looking for a native german speaker for whatsoever reason, to justify the "paperwork" ;). Feel… » 10/05/14 11:08am 10/05/14 11:08am

The official police report does not state anything race-related, but merely that they were on a drive. And that part of the Autobahn is most of the time unrestricted. I drive by that exit every workday, and that with speeds of 80 to 120mph in a small diesel, while cars pass me at even more. All I see here is someone… » 6/29/14 10:52am 6/29/14 10:52am

Help Identify A Part From A Hit-And-Run That Killed A Teenager!

The german police is currently trying to identify a part that a car left behind, after running over 16 year old boy. It happened back in january in very early hours of the 25th. 16 year old Matthias-Paul H. was on his way to some friends, walking on a road between two small towns, with the sidewalk covered in deep… » 4/25/14 12:11pm 4/25/14 12:11pm

I don't like seeing AMGs engine production. It always reminds me of work. See those terminals that are mounted on the carts? Either the full-silver ones saying "VMT" on the back or the newer ones with the silver back and black front. My company makes these and I fix them if they're broken. » 12/22/13 8:50am 12/22/13 8:50am

Well, from my point of view:
- The 20i is the lowest tuned version of the 2.0 Turbo and has a lot of reserves to make up for the difference
- The F30 is 7 years newer in development, and believe me, you notice (had E87, have F20) in all departments, like quality, comfort and handling
- The F30 is a way more usable car… » 7/25/13 2:42pm 7/25/13 2:42pm

Rockslide shuts down epic passroad - and possibly burries car!

In the early hours of this tuesday (1.38AM), a huge rockslide shut down the Felbertauernroad in Austria, a known to be epic road near the famous and equally epic Grossglockner passroad. The rockslide with an espimated volume of ~35,000 m³ (~46,000 yd³) completely destroyed the road along with the avalance protection… » 5/14/13 5:04pm 5/14/13 5:04pm