The german police is currently trying to identify a part that a car left behind, after running over 16 year old boy. It happened back in january in very early hours of the 25th. 16 year old Matthias-Paul H. was on his way to some friends, walking on a road between two small towns, with the sidewalk covered in deep snow. He was found when another driver managed to just barely avoid the body on the road and placed an emergency call. That happened at 4:15 AM, after another driver failed to avoid the body earlier at 3:35 am and fled the scene, just to turn himself in later. But at that point in time, the 16-year old was already dead according to the medical statement. Arriving at the site of the accident, the police then finds another car-part, that does not belong to the second car that hit the already dead body. Unfortunately it lacks any kind of markings or writing, yet is only one of two pieces of evidence found on site, the other one being a tiny 0.5mm (0.02in) shard of red paint they found on the teenagers jacket.

I'll spare you the details on what was broken in what way, indicating an impact while standing/walking, but the medical statement also concludes, that the initial impact was not deadly and the victim probably would be still alive if the driver of the car in question would have called an ambulance. That sad fact said, lets get to the part where the power of social media enters the stage. The police is looking for informations and released according press statements, the public attorney's office in handling the investigation is even offering 3000 EUR for tips that result in solving this case. They assume the part in question is located somewhere around the frontend and its purpose is connected to managing airflow. Again based on the medical statement they also assume that the vehicle in question is most likely a relatively modern vehicle with a bumper integrated into the body for higher pedestrian safety (oh well..) like its required for current cars.

The police station in charge is the one in Eichsfeld (Thuringia), and they can be contaced via e-mail ! If your german skills are sufficient, feel free to call them at +49 3606 6510.


Photos: Police Thuringia